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People are still seeking revenue online

It is interesting that while this blog is hardly updated over the past 3 years, people are still finding their way into this blog.

If you had just arrived and reading this, some of the information here might be interesting while some are outdated.

Nevertheless, I suppose more and more people are turning to find ways to create revenue online.

As for myself, the original experiment to make a living online didn’t work out so I left things hanging. But hey, one day I might just renew the search for online income again.

Meanwhile, I wish you success!

Are you making revenue online?

With the recent economic situation I was wondering how the situation has affected making revenue online.

If you are earning revenue online, do you experience an increase/decrease or other changes? What are you main revenue methods? Adsense, per-per-click (PPC), affiliate marketing, selling product/services, investing?

For myself, I’m glad to have some revenue from from online sources, mainly Adsense. Since starting 4 years ago, I never got independence from online revenue alone. However the little extra was helpful in covering for the running cost. After that there was still some leftover for little indulgences, like buying a MacMini.

As you can see, I’m picking up the pace again with my online revenue seeking. I’m back updating this blog after a long hiatus.

This blog’s main focus will be sharing online revenue information, resoruces and my own personal experiences in seeking revenue.

80-20 rules applied to online revenue

The 80-20 rule as applied to online revenue:

  1. 80% of revenue come from 20% of your sites
  2. 80% of revenue come from 20% of revenue sources
  3. 80% of time were spent on 20% of activities
  4. 20% of pages receives 80% of traffic
  5. 80% of revenue seeker gave up before making 20% of their investment
  6. 80% of online marketers are only making 20% of what they can potentially make
  7. 20% of online marketers are making money off 80% of “willing spender”
  8. 80% of websites you see daily are trying some way to make money online.

How are any of these to you?