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Diversify your blog traffic

seekingIn a recent post the author mentioned that his traffic was badly affected when Google decided to reindex their search result.

Many had similar experience with what is now know as the Google dance. Never heard of it? More about Google dance here and here.

Here’s my definition.

Google Dance: An event that is held frequently when Google updates its search index and ranking. During the event, some people dance for joy which others jump up and down in exasperation.

Dropping out of search engine is consider the Top 10 Blog Disasters

The fact remains that Google is still a main source of traffic for many website. Because of the recent traffic surge , Google accounts for about 10% of traffic here. Typically it was about 30-40%.

What are some strategies to get more traffics from other sources and be less dependent on Google?

Nick at Performancing mentioned some Alternate Traffic and Information Sources. There are good but still confined to the social bookmarking, tagging, digg’ing “web 2.0″ish type activities.

What about increasing traffic from other sources beside search engines? Problogger has some interesting suggestions which include running paper ads!

The good old way I believe is still by writing quality content. Look at how Steve Pavlina increase traffic by 100+% by writing quality content. He claims that search account for 5% of his traffic.

What other methods works for you?

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