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Collection of Creative Adsense Placement

Users are getting immuned to Adsense ads because it is getting too common. Many are simply not looking on them or are subconsciously shutting them off.

What can you do as an Adsense publisher?

If visitors are not looking at ads, they are certainly not clicking it. If they are not clicking it, you are not getting revenue.

One way to deal with this is to be creative with ads placement. Instead of just sticking an ads anywhere, place it creatively to attract attention (or reduce attention as the case maybe).

Here I look at some examples I had collected from my surfing around other people’s site. Maybe they can inspire you.

Before looking at some the examples here, beware that you have to comply with Adsense policies in putting up you ads. Be careful not to cross the line.

  1. Design BlendingThe idea is to blend the ads nicely into the content so that visitors do not notice they are ads but part of the site’s navigation or links.
    The is a simple idea but not many do it well.

    Here is an example from BlogDesignSolutions
    Notice how the ads and text links nicely blend with the overall color tone and layout.
    (I wonder why the 468×60 ads do not show a “Ads by Goooooogle” which is the norm.)

    Blend with design

  2. Visual blocks

    I called this method visual blocks because it artificially creates blocks that guides naivgation.

    Here is an example from MindBlog.
    Notice the text link unit in the 3rd blue column. This bends in well with the other color content blocks.
    Next, notice how the 4 ads in the Leaderboard unit is directly under the 4 color blocks. This again guides navigation.

    Visual blocks

  3. Image guides
    Another variation of visual block is to use images to guide the eyes to the ads.

    Here is an example from
    The images are sized nicely to match the 4 ads Leaderboard. (Note that this may be in violation of Adsense’s policies)

    Image Guide

    Here is an example from
    The images are next to 336×280 ad unit.
    In additional, take a look at the style of the text links unit on the right and the Catagories. A clever use of design blending.

    Image Guide

  4. Pseudo NavigationThis technique uses the link unit creates an impression that the ads is part of the navigation.

    See this example from MyMoneyBlog.
    The link unit on the top is aligned with the menu below, creating a menu effect.

    Pseudo navigation

  5. Artificial TabsAn improvement to the pesudo navigation is to create the impression of tabs.

    This example is from
    See how the design creates a tab-like effect on the navigation.

    Artificial Tabs

  6. Creative FrameWhy do you need to frame the Adsense ads in squares or rectangle? Can you frame them up more creatively?
    However, be sure not to be too creative.

    This example is from Plan59
    The ads are in a retro-looking trapezium with shadow effect.

    Creative frame

    Another example from Karen Cheng
    Great looking torn-carton background for the ads.

    Creative frame

  7. DisorientationIf you can’t convince them, confuse them. As Seth Godin suggested, you do not want the user to see something familar which they will ignore. Some research has even shown that messy design works better.

    Take a look a this example from MyMoneyForest
    Where do I start clicking? Maybe one of those ads.


Have you come across any other interesting ads placement ideas to share?

6 Responses to “Collection of Creative Adsense Placement”

  • Hey there. Thanks for linking my blog…even if its not the most positive assesment. I’m open to suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

  • It was meant to be in a positive way. Something not anyone can pull off.

    I’m interested though to know how it works.

  • Right on. Well, it’s not the best looking, but it works. After implementing AdSense on my blog I made my first $100 in about 45 days.

  • That’s really good! None of my sites are are doing that well.

    All aspiring revenue seekers can certainly learn from you.

  • Great advice!
    Ive been trying to come up with a way to get more out of my adsense ads, but im still coming up short.

    These tips will definitely help.

  • Just the right kinda information I’m looking for. I’m a newbie still trying to come to terms with optimising Adsense. Been spending the past one month modifying my WordPress template to put Adsense to wherever I want. Please take a look, and all constructive criticisms are appreciated.

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