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Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is relatively new program that came online not long ago. I first saw it on Problogger, but it was when I saw it on TechCrunch that I really took notice.

Text Link Ads

In a nutshell, Text Link Ads sells text links on your site on your behalf.

Let’s see how is this useful and how you can earn revenue.

It all starts from the basic idea that linking increase visibility.

Imagine that Seeking Revenue is popular site. You want me to link to your site so that visitors (including search engines) will visit you.

What can you do?
You can either ask me nicely to create a link (which I’m too busy to create) or Buy from Text Link Ads.

How does it work?
If I am a Text Link Ads (TLA for short) publisher, TLA gives me some codes which I place on my site. These codes get a list of advertisers that had brought link on my site creates the links.

How effective is it?
I had just signed up as a publisher so I have no idea how well it works. However Darren over at Problogger had been using it with some nice results.

Using text link ads (note the lower case, referring generally to all text link ads) has its controversy.

SitePoint has an article on the use of text links to boost search engine ranking. Matt Cutts over at Google presented Google’s standpoint on text link ads.

Should you buy text links or sell link ads using Text Link Ads? I am giving it a try.

6 Responses to “Text Link Ads”

  • Hi, I just found you via google. I’m also using K2 and want to add TLA but since K2 uses dynamic sidebars, how did you put the TLA code in the template? I tried using a sidebar widget but the code doesn’t activate – it needs to be put right into the sidebar file I think. Anyway, any and all help appreciated. Cheers

  • There is a wordpress plugin for TLA. If you use the plugin, it is just a matter of inserting a one-liner code.

    Let me go in and find the thing for you ….

    Here you go ..

    On the list of sites you have, click Get Ad Code

    Please select the programming language used on your website:
    Select WordPress Plugin

    Follow the rest of the steps to set it up.

  • Thanks but my Q was *where* exactly to insert the line of code! I’ve followed the instructions to the letter on TLA’s site btw. I’m just stuck on where exactly to put the darned code!

  • If you want to put it on the side bar, the file to look for is sidebar.php

  • yes, thanks. As I mentioned in my original message, it goes into the sidebar but *where* exactly? the sidebar in k2 is dynamic so it is not as easy as just inserting the TLA code into the sidebar.php like other more basic WP templates.

  • I sent you and email, send me your sidebar file and the code and I will insert it for you.

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