Features of viscoelastic foam: Part tempurpedic

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This foam is thermo-sensitive, which is why it molds wonderfully body shapes. It is, by its molecular structure, endowed with cells of great elasticity. This helps maintain a uniform temperature in the mattress. Some mattresses are even designed with irrigation channels on the sides to evacuate any moisture. It is therefore the best foam available on the market has the best tempurpedic mattress reviews.

The density of the viscoelastic foam is very high since it is greater than 50 kg / m³. This “memory foam” has the same qualities as the material originally designed for astronauts. It takes the form of the body, adapts to its movements and in doing so reduces muscular tension.

The benefits of viscoelastic foam

To clarify the characteristics of the viscoelastic foam mentioned above we will add that it reduces the pressure on joints requested during sleep. Thus a person sleeping on his side puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders and hips, a person sleeping on his stomach on his neck, and those sleeping on his back, on the lower back and the sacrum. The viscoelastic foam bypasses the convexities and concavities of the human body and provides a better quality of sleep.

In addition, this foam is also hypoallergenic, anti-mite, anti-mold, and sometimes antimicrobial and antifungal. It is for this reason that the medical profession has adopted this product. But she is also very appreciated for her help in the case of patients with tissue problems such as wounds. In addition, in a mattress, it offers a very firm and ideal support, to align the vertebral columns to perfection.

Manufacturing processes and quality

A mattress is a kind of cushion on which men lie and sleep. The etymological origin of the word is Arabic. The word mattress comes from the Arabic word matrah which means “cushion, carpet” derived from the root of tahara “throw”.

The process for manufacturing viscoelastic foam is based on a polyurethane resin blend to which are added some non-toxic chemicals. This increases its weight and density. This gives non-toxic foam, the viscoelastic foam. To ensure the quality of a viscoelastic foam mattress one of the benchmarks is a good density, not less than 50 kg / m³. Another benchmark is the thickness which must be at least 8 cm on the surface. This thickness ensures a homogeneous distribution of the body on the foam. The firmness of the mattress depends on this element, the suspension, and must be chosen according to the morphology of each. The lining should be soft and can be wool, cotton, foam, latex, or even silk.

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