Does Memory Foam suits you the best sleep?

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The Memory Foam mattresses   seem to be the new frontier of sleeping comfort. While talking about soft memory foam mattresses we will also analyze their strengths and weaknesses. With the help of the expert’s advice on the choice, market prices and all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of mattress, you will have a clear idea about the best mattress for side sleepers.

The memoryfoam isnothing more than polyurethane, a polymeric material that is found in two different compositions in the mattresses. Explaining how memory foam mattresses are made is not at all simple, in fact. The models on the market are made of high resilience polyurethane (HR) foams and viscoelastic polyurethane (Memory Foam proper).

Memory foam mattress, features

All memory foam mattresses are ergonomic, elastic and very durable. Absolutely, the memory foam mattress is the one with a longer life as explained in the article “how often to change mattress”.

To ensure the best characteristics, the core of the Memory Foam must be at least 18 – 20 cm thick with a structure density of 35-40 kg / m3. These characteristics can be verified on the label. Avoid choosing Memory foam mattresses with a smaller thickness of 18 cm.

Polyurethane or Memory Foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are more advanced. In practice, memory foam is the last frontier of foam mattresses. What makes memory foam different from other skimmers is also the fact that it is heat-sensitive. In practice, the Memory Foam can change its rigidity based on the heat emanating from the body in contact with the surface.

For this feature, the MemoryFoam can adapt to the position taken by the person, during the same night hours. They are the warmth and weight of a subject that allow the mattressto adapt and take on the shape of the body. For this same reason, the Memory foam mattress is not strongly recommended for those who have the habit of turning over in bed and frequently changing position.

The memory foam mattress is also not recommended for those suffering from night sweats because it tends to retain fluids. The memory foam mattresses are suitable for those who usually tend to find difficulties in finding their ideal position. It relieves muscular tension and among experts’ opinions, it is recommended for those suffering from back pain, chronic fatigue and muscle pain caused by an incorrect posture.

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